Medicalholodeck on Meta Quest 3 Medicalholodeck is now available on the Meta Quest 3, marking a significant milestone for medical professionals, educators, and students. Our applications are combining the power of virtual reality, medical imaging, and human anatomy in high quality, directly through your Meta Quest 3 headset.
Article Image Transforming Medical Imaging Meta Quest 3 advances medical imaging by providing standalone rendering of DICOM format images in immersive mixed reality. This innovation eliminates the need for bulky medical imaging hardware, enabling medical professionals and educators to engage with detailed patient data in a dynamic 3D environment. This advancement enhances the study and teaching of complex medical concepts and streamlines workflows. In educational settings, Meta Quest 3 enriches learning by enabling interactive exploration of human anatomy and pathologies. For practitioners, it aids in case reviews, fostering better understanding and collaboration. The device's portability and user-friendly interface make it suitable for various settings, enhancing efficiency and educational value in medical practices.*
Cost-Effective and Perfect for Education Medicalholodeck on Meta Quest 3 presents a cost-effective solution, significantly reducing the reliance on expensive hardware and cloud-based services. Its intuitive interface simplifies the learning process, making it an ideal tool for modern medical education. By offering an engaging and immersive learning experience, it enhances the understanding of complex medical concepts, making it highly suitable for classrooms, self-study, and professional training environments.
Standalone / DICOM Rendering / Mixed Reality / Collaborative /


Medicalholodeck on Meta Quest 3 allows access to its full suite of applications directly on the headset, eliminating the need for any external devices. This feature ensures unparalleled convenience and mobility, making it easy to use in various settings, from clinical environments to remote learning scenarios.


DICOM Rendering

The platform offers real time rendering of DICOM files in standalone mode, providing an immersive experience in exploring detailed anatomical structures. This capability is crucial for in-depth medical studies and enhances the understanding of complex anatomical details in a virtual space.


Mixed Reality

Meta Quest 3's video passthrough technology enables a seamless blend of the real and virtual worlds, enhancing the realism of the Medicalholodeck experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for interactive learning environments and patient consultations, where real-world context is essential.



The platform enables effective teamwork and collaboration by allowing users to work together in a shared virtual space. This promotes group teaching, remote education and international collaboration, making it a valuable tool for medical education and research.


Remote Education and Collaboration Medicalholodeck on Meta Quest 3 effortlessly breaks down geographical barriers, enabling remote education and fostering international collaboration in medical research. This feature allows professionals and students from various locations to interact and learn together in a real-time virtual environment. It not only promotes distance learning but also encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise in global medical communities, enhancing collaborative case studies and research projects. Stability and Ease of Use The Meta Quest 3 stands out for its exceptional stability and user-friendly operating system, making it accessible even to those who are new to virtual reality. When paired with Medicalholodeck, it becomes an ideal combination, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for users of all skill levels. This synergy ensures that even inexperienced users can effortlessly navigate and benefit from its advanced medical imaging capabilities.
Getting Started Download Medicalholodeck for your Quest 3 here or connect with our demo team for a personal demonstration of its capabilities. Explore Our Apps Discover a range of applications designed for both professional and educational scenarios. Learn about Medical Imaging XR, explore the human body with our immersive anatomy atlas, or create custom simulations. Support and Resources Find tutorials, manuals, and personal support here to get the most out of Medicalholodeck on Quest 3. For more information, contact
*Important Notice Regarding Functionalities for Surgical Planning and Professional Clinical Usage The specialized features tailored for surgical planning and pre-operative professional applications are exclusive to Medical Imaging XR PRO. At the moment, Medicalholodeck's applications are only available for educational purposes. Please be aware that Medicalholodeck is currently undergoing the necessary processes to obtain FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and CE (Conformité Européene) certifications. Our team is diligently working to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, and we anticipate that Medical Imaging XR PRO will be available in both the United States and European Union markets soon. To stay informed about product updates, regulatory progress, and availability, or to address any inquiries, contact