Medicalholodeck AI
AI, Automatic Segmentation, and Smart Medical Data.
In Augmented and Virtual Reality.
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Medicalholodeck is integrating AI and auto segmentation, enhancing its AR and VR platform, and improving the analysis of MRI and CT scans. Using advanced AI for auto segmentation, it identifies anatomical structures more accurately and efficiently, saving time for healthcare professionals and ensuring consistent, precise analysis in medical practice.*
AI, Automatic Segmentation, and Smart Medical Data.
In Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Medicalholodeck AI
Medicalholodeck is integrating AI and auto segmentation, enhancing its AR and VR platform, and improving the analysis of MRI and CT scans. Using advanced AI for auto segmentation, it identifies anatomical structures more accurately and efficiently, saving time for healthcare professionals and ensuring consistent, precise analysis in medical practice.*
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The integration of artificial intelligence solutions into Medicalholodeck's VR platform marks a significant advancement in medical imaging. With AI and auto segmentation, the platform automatically accentuates organs and key structures, making examinations more intuitive and detailed. This enhancement elevates the effectiveness of VR in the medical field, offering doctors, surgeons, and educators improved visualization tools for more informed analysis and decision-making.
The fusion of auto segmentation with medical imaging on the immersive Medicalholodeck platform is improving the way medical imaging can be accessed. It offers an interactive 3D learning, preparing, and planning environment, enabling surgeons to gain a deeper understanding of complex anatomical structures and students to understand faster and better.
Such an immersive educational experience is instrumental in enhancing the comprehension and retention of intricate medical knowledge, preparing surgeries and future medical professionals more effectively for clinical practice. It also significantly enhances patient care by improving communication and the informed consent process.
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How to Start
To start using Medicalholodeck AI, download Medicalholodeck, upload a DICOM dataset, select the relevant AI model, and initiate the auto-segmentation process. This process can be conducted via Medicalholodeck's online AI service or with an AI model that's installed on your local system. Within seconds you'll be able to view your high-resolution DICOM data, enhanced with precise auto-segmentation overlays.**
For PC-VR, AR, Nvidia CloudXR, and Meta Quest 3
Medicalholodeck AI offers capabilities for automatically segmenting medical images through our dedicated Medicalholodeck online service or via your local setup. Medicalholodeck AI is accessible on PC-VR, through Nvidia's CloudXR, Magic Leap 2, and on Meta Quest 3. For further details or inquiries about our services and compatibility, feel free to reach out.
How to Use
Once your data is processed, the user interface will display a comprehensive list of all the segmentation results. You have the flexibility to adjust the visibility of your DICOM images and segmentations: fade them in or out to focus on specific details. For individual segmentations, you can make them vanish with a simple click. To preserve your progress, save your work directly within the application.
AI Models by MONAI and Totalsegmentator
Currently, Medicalholodeck AI is equipped with a suite of AI models by MONAI, including Wholebody CT Segmentation, Spleen, Prostate, and Pancreas. Also, the open-source version of Totalsegmentator is available. In the next few months, we are expanding our AI capabilities, adding more models. Stay updated on our social media channels, or get in touch.

We offer support and guidance for users interested in integrating their own custom-trained models into Medicalholodeck. Additionally, we provide options for connecting to third-party AI models. For further details or to discuss potential collaborations, please reach out.
Key Features
Automated Segmentation
One of the most significant features is the ability to automatically segment different anatomical regions and pathologies. This saves time and increases accuracy in identifying and delineating structures like organs, bones, and the placement of tumors.
Advanced Image Analysis
AI algorithms enable sophisticated analysis of medical images. They can identify and segment anatomical structures automatically, providing detailed insights into patient anatomy.
3D Visualization
AI assists in converting traditional 2D medical images into smart 3D models. This allows for more intuitive and interactive exploration of complex anatomical structures, offering a clearer understanding of patient-specific conditions.
Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy
AI helps in detecting abnormalities and suggesting potential diagnoses, leading to more accurate and efficient clinical decision-making.
Personalized Surgical Planning
AI enables personalized surgical planning by creating patient-specific 3D models. Surgeons can use these models to plan and simulate surgeries, reducing risks and improving outcomes.
Interactive Educational Tools
For medical education, AI-powered 3D models provide an interactive learning experience. Students can engage with realistic anatomical structures, enhancing their understanding of human anatomy and various medical conditions.
Patient Communication and Engagement
AI tools in Medicalholodeck can assist physicians in explaining medical conditions and procedures to patients more effectively, using 3D models for better understanding and communication.
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Improved Patient Outcomes
Enhanced diagnostic and surgical precision contribute to better patient outcomes and reduced complications.
Increased Patient Understanding and Involvement
Using 3D models to explain conditions and procedures improves patient comprehension and engagement in their treatment plans.
Resource Optimization
By streamlining diagnostic and planning processes, healthcare facilities can optimize their resources, including time and personnel.
Empowering Educators
The interactive and immersive nature of the platform enriches teaching methods, aiding educators in conveying complex medical concepts effectively.
Support for Complex Cases
AI assists in managing complex medical cases by providing detailed visualizations and analyses, which might be challenging with traditional methods.
Enhanced Collaboration
The platform can facilitate collaboration among medical professionals, enabling shared views and discussions on patient cases in a virtual environment.
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Use Cases
Surgical Planning and Simulation
Surgeons can leverage 3D models generated by AI for pre-operative planning. They can simulate surgical procedures, allowing them to anticipate challenges and refine their strategies before actual surgery.
Diagnostic Imaging
Radiologists and clinicians can use AI-powered tools for more accurate and efficient interpretation of medical images, such as MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays. This aids in early and precise diagnosis of diseases.
Medical Education and Training
Medical students and professionals can explore intricate human anatomy and various pathologies in a detailed, three-dimensional environment. This interactive approach enhances understanding and retention of complex medical information.
Patient Consultation and Communication
Physicians can use 3D visualizations to explain medical conditions, treatment options, and surgical procedures to patients, making complex medical information more accessible and understandable.
Treatment Response Monitoring
In oncology and other fields, AI can help in monitoring the progress of treatments, such as the response of tumors to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, through detailed image analysis.
Custom Prosthesis and Implant Design
The detailed anatomical models provided by AI can assist in the design of custom prostheses or implants, ensuring a better fit and functionality for individual patients.
Telemedicine and Remote Collaboration
Medical professionals can collaborate remotely on patient cases using the VR platform, discussing and examining 3D medical images in a shared virtual space, thus overcoming geographical barriers.
Research and Development
Researchers can utilize the platform for anatomical studies, disease research, and exploring new medical treatments and technologies in a detailed and interactive environment.
*Important Notice Regarding Functionalities for Surgical Planning and Professional Clinical Usage The specialized features tailored for surgical planning and pre-operative professional applications are exclusive to Medical Imaging XR PRO. At the moment, Medicalholodeck's applications are only available for educational purposes. Please be aware that Medicalholodeck is currently undergoing the necessary processes to obtain FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and CE (Conformité Européene) certifications. Our team is diligently working to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, and we anticipate that Medical Imaging XR PRO will be available in both the United States and European Union markets soon. To stay informed about product updates, regulatory progress, and availability, or to address any inquiries, contact